Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 28, 2012

Dear Mom & Dad

So... today has been crazy! I got my name tag & then went to class where I played the most intense game of Charades. Really it was just language but our teachers only spoke Russian... I'm sure someday I will understand what they are saying & maybe able to talk back! Mostly I was just herded around today to various classes. Oh! A Sister that is also going to Samara got a letter from our mission But hers says she didn't have to bring bedding! Grrr. So... Mom, you are right. I will be sending it all home soon. That going to be a large package... We had some teaching experiences tonight, where there was someone who would act like an investigator & then about 20 companion-ships would teach. And who walked in & sat right behind me? Well. it was David Archuleta. That's right. I guess that's one way of making your first day memorable. There was 2 companion-ships of Sisters & the rest were Elders. So, he wasn't bombarded after, which is good. Other than that I don't think have had time to really think about the magnitude of what I'm doing. I guess it still doesn't feel real strange. Well, I'm running out of room, so thank you guys for everything! I love you both & know the only reason I am here is because of you! Thank you!

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