Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

Dear Family!!
Well, it is a good thing they make you wait a week to write because the first couple of days was rough. They say if you can make it to Sunday the worst is over and I definitely think that is true. However, because of general conference all of our teachers had mission reunion so our first couple of days were a little more stressful than normal. We had I think 6 different teachers from Wednesday to Friday, and since everything was new I don't think we accomplished very much. the first day they only spoke in Russian so we were all just confused. They explained things to us the next day using some English so that was good. All the older sisters that are in the first pilot program say we are learning quickly so maybe we are, I just don't feel like it. This week has been much better though, mostly because we have a set schedule and we know what to expect. Last week was just crazy. beh. My district is pretty great, I like them a lot. There are 3 companionship's. 2 of Sister and 1 Elder. Our Elders are pretty awesome. One is a convert and around 26 and decided to go and the other comes from a less active family. They are both just really excited to be here and it is infectious. I feel kind of bad that they are stuck with a bunch of girls but I think they are OK with it. The other companionship of Sisters I get along really well with. We have a pretty good time together. Anytime we are together as a district we are having fun, or having a spiritual experience or both. They are great!
Saying goodbye to all of you was rough. I think i have the best family in the world. I might be biased. who knows :)
On our first day here we had these workshops where we got to teach with a roomful of missionaries to one investigator. Anyway, their were rumors that David Archuleta was there but no one had seen him yet. Lo and behold, he walks into our classroom and sits right behind me. It was sweet. You probably already know he was in the MTC because they had a nice close up of him in the choir. And then, in case you didn't know it was him they got a nice shot of his name tag. We all thought it was pretty funny.
I feel like every day I wake up excited and ready to go. Personal study is the bomb. I think it is my favorite part of the day. Then we usually have gym or just class, depends on the day. Usually, in the after noon I begin to feel frustrated or panicky about Russian and then by the end of the day I feel pretty good. It is a roller coaster. But I feel like the days pass pretty quickly, and the weeks. It has already been one whole week!
The MTC is saturated with the spirit. I love it. Because of that conference was awesome! It was great to watch it with so many missionaries. I found out that if I came on my original date I could have been in the choir. That would have been so cool!! Oh well... it was still great to watch and see some people I know and see regularly.
Just so you know, I can print off my emails read them and then get back on to write, so time isn't an issue. But dear elder is cool because I can read those during the week. So... use dear elder it's cool.
We have an investigator we are teaching, really just one of our teachers, but we have taught 2 lessons so far. Both in Russian. The first one was rough, we only knew how to say "I know..." like to bear your testimony. And while that is great, it is hard to explain things. That and we couldn't understand what he said, so it kind of turned into a game of charades and pictionary. I felt awful after our first lesson. It was terrible, but we taught on Monday and I feel pretty good about that lesson. We knew how to extend commitments and how to ask him to read. Really I don't feel like we knew that much more but I guess we knew hoe to ask some questions and how to pray. That helped a lot. Any who, we have another tonight. Hopefully it goes well.
Well, the MTC is crazy. Sometimes it is great and the best place in the world. Other times you just want to curl up into the fetal position and cry in the corner. I think the more time I spend here the more I will love it.
Well, I love you all!! Write soon!!
Cectpa Pearce

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