Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 25, 2012

Looks like you guys had some fun! I am glad you were able to use your camel packs. This week we got a new schedule so everything I told you last week is wrong. We still do the same things but on different days and at different times.  Today the new missionaries came.  Greg, I meant to tell you happy birthday last week...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  and Todd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!! I hope it is fun!
Sunday, as always was the most exciting thing of the week.  For relief society Sister Ann M Dibb came.  The night before she came she went on a drive with her dad and asked him what he wants the sister missionaries to know.  Half of her talk was that, so although it wasn't the prophet, the prophet's daughter was pretty cool.  Sister Beatie and I went and met her after wards and she stopped and talked to us for awhile.  She told us, "you will learn Russian!!" I know everyone has told us that, and I know that I eventually will, it was just comforting to hear it from her.  Sister Damron, one of the sisters in my residence, has a friend who left for Germany this week.  Anyway, Elder Scott is in her home ward and when she got her call he congratulated her, and said, "the number of sisters going on missions has increased 250% in the last year".  She asked why he thought that was.  She said he got all serious and said, "because the men aren't stepping up and the lord needs his work to be done" WHOA. pretty cool, huh?
The field opened up this week.  it was fun to be able to be outside. there is only 4 other sisters who were interested in soccer (we can't play with elders...).  We tried to play but it was lame.  I just started juggling by myself. 
Elder Nelson came on Tuesday of this week.  We thought for sure that it wouldn't be a member of the 12.  So far we haven't had a week without hearing directly from the apostles.  That is pretty sweet.  In one of Elder Holland's past devotionals at the MTC he said the members of the 12 fight, scratch, kick gouge, and any other church like practices to be able to come speak at the MTC.  Elder Nelson Spoke about The Doctrine of the church.  OR basically what we are going to be teaching everyday. It was very basic, but it is always an incredible blessing to be able to be taught by an apostle. 
I don't know if I have anything else to tell you...all we do is sit in a classroom and plan lessons mostly.  We do learn some Russian, I guess. hmm...well I guess that is it.  Can someone write me next week so maybe I have some questions to answer? Mom and Dad, you are forgiven, you were on vacation.
Well, I love you all!!
Have a great week!
Sister Pearce

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