Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

Hello Family!!

How is everything? I hope well. Can you believe I am over half way done at the MTC? I can't.  Our half way mark was Sunday. I leave for Russia this month! That is crazy. Before I forget Mom, I sent a letter asking for some things, or at least some information about some stuff.  Anyway, just get me as much information by next p-day so I can make some decisions.  Anyway, just look forward to that.  This week has been pretty normal. Really nothing exciting has happened.  Just class.  Although, a lot of things are changing at the MTC.  The building my classroom is in is being torn down to make room for that awesome new building.  Anyway, so tomorrow we are moving to a new classroom.  Hopefully one with AC just in time for it to get hot. Wouldn’t that be nice. Anywho, on Monday we spoke only Russian.  I was a little nervous because I didn't know if I knew enough to go a whole day, but it was actually awesome.  I loved it. I was surprised by how much we knew.

This morning while we were doing laundry there was a bird that somehow got into the laundry room.  It was flying around the laundry room trying to get out.  Not just leisurely either but like torpedo speed.  And it would fly low.  I thought for sure one of us was going to lose an ear or an eye.  Some friendly maintenance men came to try and get it out.  I say try because the only thing they could think to do was run after it with a laundry basket.  I don't know if they actually caught it.  We left before then, but it made for an interesting morning.  This bird would have gotten along real well with the hummingbirds in our backyard that is for sure.

This week one of our teachers (he served in Samara) told us that in almost every ward he served in you could find people representing all 12 tribes of Israel.  I don't know what happened this week but I just feel excited for the work in Russia.  I already love it! I love Russian even though I barely know it.  Our teacher told us that the ball is rolling there.  Things are starting to happen and the members there are being prepared.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it.  I already feel like my mission is going to be one of the best things I ever do.  Anyway, referring back to the 12 tribes of Israel, we will literally be gathering Israel in Russia.  Our branch president, Pres. Harrison, was a mission president in Rostov. He was telling us about patriarchs who give blessing who in one day gave a blessing to someone from every tribe.  He talked about how when the tribes were scattered they went north and east.  Anyway, I realize I probably am not making any sense. But it is cool none the less.

Oh! I spoke in sacrament on Sunday and it actually went really well.  Our topic was the restoration of the gospel. I was actually hoping to speak this Sunday because I had the first vision and James 1:5 memorized. It worked out really well.  It was only 3 minutes but it was cool to be able to speak Russian for 3 whole minutes.  Sister Beatie and I also taught our district meeting lesson on Sunday.  It went surprisingly well. Maybe because it was in English.  I try not to be envious of English speaking missionaries, but I kind of am.  It's ok, I remind myself that Russian is really cool and that one day I might actually speak it, who knows!

Well, I think that is all of my news...I love you all! Mom and dad write me and tell me about Capitol Reef, I am sure it was fun.  Have a great week!!

Sister Pearce

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