Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23,2012

Hello family!!

This week has started our week of lasts.  For example tomorrow is our last gym time, last Thursday etc...We have to celebrate the little things in the MTC.  We have been speaking only Russian this week, which is kind of cool.  I love Russian!! I realize next week is going to be rough...but I think I am ready for the challenge. 

One of our teachers was talking with us this week and he was just explaining the difference between how they taught things a year ago in the MTC and now.  They used to focus a lot on the language and being able to speak, but now they focus on teaching you how to teach.  We teach 2-3 times a day. I know that isn't a ton but, they used to only teach 2-3 times a week.  But they figure it is easier to learn the language once you get there not learn how to teach.  It's cool though because we have really learned how to teach with the spirit. Almost every lesson this week we will be in a lesson and I will feel prompted to share a scripture, ask a question or say something and it really opens up the lesson to the spirit.  Anyway, it is sweet. I am sure the language will be rough for a while, but I usually can understand everything I just can't respond, but that will get better the more I speak. 

So we did get our travel plans last week! We leave at 5:00 am from here to the airport and then fly to New York where we have a 40 minute layover and then we fly to Moscow, where we have a 12 hour layover, and then fly to Samara. That is going to be a long day... our flight leaves from Salt Lake at 8:30 so I will be calling somewhere between 6:00 and 8:00. That is the best estimate I can give you.  One of our teachers served in Samara and he said that you can still use dear elder to write.  They will print them off in the office there and whenever we go to Samara for conferences and stuff like that we will get them.  So that might be better than mail for anyone that wants to write me.  Family can still use email.

Also, Mom, Dad, family, if you have any stories about tithing, keeping the Sabbath day holy or any other commandments I would love to hear about them.  It is just nice while I am teaching to use stories that are personal to me.  Anywho, if you have any just send them my way anytime!

Mom thank you for the cardigan! I didn't realize it would be so hard to find.  I packed today and both suitcases are 5 under.  I was wondering on the shoes, if you ordered them...or what's happened with them.  Anyway, I have weight so I would like them if I could get them. I would also like them because my black shoes aren’t' the best to walk around in so I want to only use those for Sundays or conferences so an extra pair to beat up would be really nice. I realized that gives you like a day to get it figured out. I’m sorry. Even if they aren't coming that is fine I would just like to know. Send me a dear elder in the next couple of days?  Also, I am sure you know this already but Friday will be my last day for mail so...

Also, Mom if you have any time today or tomorrow could you go to Deseret Book and look at some pictures for me? Just the 5x7 ones? I want to stick them in my scriptures so that when I am teaching I can pull them out so they have a visual.  I was thinking a picture of President Monson, Joseph Smith getting the priesthood, Kiev temple maybe, Joseph Smith...I can't think of any others right now but if there is any of the stories in the Book of Mormon...again if you don't get them that is great.  The MTC just doesn't have any of the ones I want otherwise I would get them here. Just think of things I might be teaching and if they have a picture of that it might be nice.

I have a box of stuff that I will send through postmark.  They will call you and have you pick it up I think from the Orem post office.  You can ask them when they call.

Thank you for everything!! I love you all so much!

Next week I will have a lot to tell you!

Cectpa Pearce

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