Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9,2012


Well, family another week has come and gone. I have been her for 6 weeks which is crazy! We only have 19 more days here. We figured it out today that we only have 2 more p-days..., and one of those will be used to pack and get ready so really only one. AHHHH!

We got our Russian name tags this week. Somehow seeing your name spelled in Russian letters makes it real that we are actually going to Russia. Kind of cool. That really is the coolest thing that happened this week. I guess it has been a little more rollercoastery than normal. I felt really frustrated last Thursday and Friday but, as always it has improved. This week we have been memorizing D&C 4 in Russian. It is pretty cool but we have never memorized anything quite that big before. But, as always I know we will be able to do it, because that is what is being asked of us. 

On Sunday, because it was fast Sunday we had a mission conference. We were able to here from the MTC presidency and their wives. That took the place of relief society and priesthood. It was a great meeting. And then that night we heard from Mark Lusvardi. He has something to do with the missionary department. Testimony meeting was pretty awesome. Our whole district bore their testimony, so that was cool. But it was also cool because we all spoke Russian. I'm sure we made mistakes but it showed us that in the past 6 weeks we have learned something. Anywho, on Tuesday we were all guessing who would be coming. I guessed Elder Holland and Sister Beatie guessed Elder Christofferson. I never guess right, but Sister Beatie did. He spoke about the doctrine of Christ. The role of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost in the doctrine. It was interesting how he taught. He taught through scriptures and then asking questions about it. He didn't do any of the explaining he just called on people from the audience. It was great to sit and be taught by an apostle a different look on the doctrine of Christ. As missionaries we spend at least a little part of everyday studying the doctrine of Christ. So to be able to understand it better is always great.

That really is about it...sorry this is so short. Everyday is pretty much the same....well, I love you all! I love hearing from you! Write while I am still in America!

Sister Pearce

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