Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hello Family!

This week has been a memorable one. We received transfer calls on Saturday. I have felt like all cycle that I probably wasn't going to be able to stay in Dachney and...I was right. I am going to be serving in Samara with Sister Scoville! But... we won't be in Samara very much. We will be going on exchanges with all of the sisters in the mission once a cycle. We got the schedule today and we are on exchanges almost every day of next cycle. It is going to be a little nuts traveling everywhere but I am excited. And a lot nervous because no one really knows what we should be doing. I’m not too worried we will figure it out.  It will for sure be a stretching experience. I am excited for the opportunity to feel the spirit guide our efforts. We will for sure need the help but I think it will be an experience where I will be able to grow closer to the Lord through prayer. Wish me luck!

Saying goodbye to all the members in Dachney was hard. I haven't been there all that long but I just love the members there. But we said goodbye yesterday at church and then got on a train at 2:00 in the morning after sleeping for a little bit. We got into Samara at noon today and just stopped at our apartment and then came to email at the office, by the way our apartment is REALLY nice. Seriously, not that we are going to be there all that often... we still have to go buy some food because we don't have anything to eat. But the rest of the week we will be in zone leader council and other meetings with the president and the assistants.

I don't really know what happened last week. I can't really rained for a couple days, I do remember that.  And the cotton here is crazy. Or at least it was in Saratov, I have only been here for a couple of hours. I will probably have more to write next week. Good luck with everything!

Cectpa Pearce

May 20, 2013


Sounds like you had a busy week! Friends visiting, helping moving, painting, cleaning and what not. Good job!

This week was a crazy week. I don't even know what happened. Both me and Sister Angelos were feeling a little under the weather at the beginning of the week and things were still kind of sketch Thursday night but we had a meeting set up from a potentials list. She didn't show but one of our other investigators called us and was close to where we were so he came and had his friend meet us. He is interested in learning a little about English and the Book of Mormon. Way cool. then earlier in the week while we were contacting a girl about our age, named Nina, came up and talked to me and said she had met with missionaries before and gave us her number and we met with her on Thursday night as well. She is so cool! She has been reading the Book of Mormon every once in a while for a year. She will be coming with us to a baptism on Saturday.  Then on Friday we had a lesson planned with a member and he ended up introducing us to his neighbor. We had a lesson with him (Victor) and we will be meeting with him tonight.

There is a member named Galina who has a friend who is moving she told us about it 4 weeks ago but something with the people buying their apartment wasn't coming through but on Saturday we were finally able to help her move. We cleaned floors and washed her windows but still weren't able to meet her. She was at her old apartment after church on Sunday we went with Galina to meet her and her husband. Galina gave her a Book of Mormon a couple years ago and she has read it a little bit, but doesn't know a lot about god. She is 79 and had a stroke a little while ago so she is thinking more about what is after death. Her husband is pretty cool and we met her son. Anyway, everything we have been waiting to happen, happened. It was sweet!

We set a goal at the beginning of the cycle to get a baptismal date for our area but we didn't really have too many people to work with. We will see what we can do in this week. I am excited. Being a missionary is sweet. I love it. Every day you are taught to reach for heavens help. Maybe it doesn't come immediately but I have received a testimony that god answers prayers. Again and again and again. The 2nd counselor in the relief society presidency has a daughter that has investigated the church before but is worried what her friends would think about her if she was baptized. We told her we would pray that her heart would be softened and would have a desire to meet with the missionaries again. Last week she began meeting with the elders again! There have been so many examples in the past couple weeks.

I love you all! Thank you for writing!


May 13, 2013


It was so great to talk to you yesterday! Happy Mother’s Day again! Just so I got this straight you want a doll painted by her but just a traditional one? That I can do but would you email Sister Stevens to ask for different options and stuff? She knows lot and that way you can get what you want. Otherwise I will just pick what I think would be cool. Thanks for the pictures! Everyone looks so great!

This week was pretty slow because last Sunday was Easter and Thursday was victory day. Everyone was at their dacha or drunk. On Thursday we were locked down. We couldn't leave the apartment, so we did some de-junking and deep cleaning. Although sometimes in the process of deep cleaning I feel like you end up making a bigger mess... regardless we threw away a lot of stuff.

We had a lesson yesterday with our investigator named Dime. He is really cool but works in Siberia on the oil rigs. So he works there for a month and then comes back for a couple weeks so it is hard to meet with him. We had a way sweet restoration lesson with the Stevens. It was a little crazy because the Elders were calling their parents so we were meeting in the entry way. It worked.

It should get up to 30 degrees Celsius this week. I honestly don't know what that is in F. but I think it is 80-85. I am starting to get tan which is nice. I was so pasty from lack of sun for the winter.  We have started playing volleyball on Tuesdays and that is fun. Although, I feel so old I always am so achy and sore after it. And it's not even competitive! Sometimes I wonder if it will be possible for me to ever play soccer again. Sigh!!!

Well, love you lots!

Cectpa Pearce

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6, 2013

Parents. What happened this week?

Well Sister Stevens has been waiting for an email reply from you for almost a week about Skype. Look in your inbox or email her at:

She is real nice and organizes it all so...please write her.

There is a member here who hand paints Matroshka dolls and wooden eggs that are really pretty and so I am for sure getting some for myself. I have thought about getting one for each of my brothers but they are a little expensive. About a 100 dollars so I haven't decided yet. I wanted to talk with you a little about it for Skype but I didn't want it to occupy the whole call so think about it. I was for sure going to get one for you. She can do whatever you want. If you have a favorite picture of Christ with a scripture or a traditional Russian one. Anyway they are beautiful. The Matroshka doll I am getting for myself is a nativity. Each layer is a different part of the nativity. I will be ordering in two weeks so think about it and I can show you some on Skype (if you decide to email sister Stevens)

Well, I would love to hear from you next week. I hope everything is ok. I really do love hearing from you and I know not everyone hears from their parents every week so thank you for writing.


April 29, 2013

Hello family!

This week was really warm. Everyone saying it is summer here but it isn't that hot yet. I remember summer vividly is really hot. Everything is green and starting to grow. I have never seen Dachney in snow so it looks like when I left here.

Zone conference on Tuesday was awesome. Zone conference is always great. President told us a little more about President Schwab, our new mission president. This was the last zone conference with President Sartori so that was kind of sad. He gave us a talk by President Lawrence; the President of the Europe east area about the gathering of Israel. It is so cool! Especially here in Russia where most if not every tribe is represented in most branches. the Patriarch was here a little while ago and had slots to do 27 blessings but just told people to come and ended up doing 49 blessings in a matter of a couple of days. Way cool. A member got hers in an envelope yesterday. As I sat by her she just looked so grateful. She would stare at the envelope and just turn it over and over. She didn't want to tear into it. You could tell it was something she had waited a long time for.

Oh! Before I forget we need to arrange a time for a mother’s day call. Weird, right? I think it is the 12th of May? I don't know but...just let me know what times would be good. I will have more information next week.

Sports night will be starting up this week. We will be playing at the same place I played at my first cycle. It should be fun.

This week we met with some members and contacted a lot. We found some cool potentials so we'll just have to see where they go. Two of the girls we met will be out of town for a couple weeks but were way excited to meet with us. We have actually had a lot of people calling us to meet with us. They got our number from other people. So that is cool. Who knows what will happen! On Wednesday we were working with the zone leaders. By the way, our last time. Next cycle they will be getting training sisters that will go on exchanges with all the companionships of sisters. It will be so great! The elders are great but you just can't work normally when you work in a group if four.... This will be better. Anyway, on Wednesday we ran into a recent convert who was baptized last August. He investigated the church when I was here in the summer. No one has been able to get a hold of him and he has kind of dropped off the radar. But we got his new number. He is taking care of his mother who is real sick.  It has been interesting coming back to Dachney. I don't feel like I learned very much when I was here last time but turns out...I met the people I needed to so that now I would be able to work with them. I definitely feel like I was prepared for this cycle. Cool, right?

Well, love you all! Update the blog!
Cectpa Pearce