Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6, 2013

Parents. What happened this week?

Well Sister Stevens has been waiting for an email reply from you for almost a week about Skype. Look in your inbox or email her at:

She is real nice and organizes it all so...please write her.

There is a member here who hand paints Matroshka dolls and wooden eggs that are really pretty and so I am for sure getting some for myself. I have thought about getting one for each of my brothers but they are a little expensive. About a 100 dollars so I haven't decided yet. I wanted to talk with you a little about it for Skype but I didn't want it to occupy the whole call so think about it. I was for sure going to get one for you. She can do whatever you want. If you have a favorite picture of Christ with a scripture or a traditional Russian one. Anyway they are beautiful. The Matroshka doll I am getting for myself is a nativity. Each layer is a different part of the nativity. I will be ordering in two weeks so think about it and I can show you some on Skype (if you decide to email sister Stevens)

Well, I would love to hear from you next week. I hope everything is ok. I really do love hearing from you and I know not everyone hears from their parents every week so thank you for writing.


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