Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hello family!

This week was really warm. Everyone saying it is summer here but it isn't that hot yet. I remember summer vividly is really hot. Everything is green and starting to grow. I have never seen Dachney in snow so it looks like when I left here.

Zone conference on Tuesday was awesome. Zone conference is always great. President told us a little more about President Schwab, our new mission president. This was the last zone conference with President Sartori so that was kind of sad. He gave us a talk by President Lawrence; the President of the Europe east area about the gathering of Israel. It is so cool! Especially here in Russia where most if not every tribe is represented in most branches. the Patriarch was here a little while ago and had slots to do 27 blessings but just told people to come and ended up doing 49 blessings in a matter of a couple of days. Way cool. A member got hers in an envelope yesterday. As I sat by her she just looked so grateful. She would stare at the envelope and just turn it over and over. She didn't want to tear into it. You could tell it was something she had waited a long time for.

Oh! Before I forget we need to arrange a time for a mother’s day call. Weird, right? I think it is the 12th of May? I don't know but...just let me know what times would be good. I will have more information next week.

Sports night will be starting up this week. We will be playing at the same place I played at my first cycle. It should be fun.

This week we met with some members and contacted a lot. We found some cool potentials so we'll just have to see where they go. Two of the girls we met will be out of town for a couple weeks but were way excited to meet with us. We have actually had a lot of people calling us to meet with us. They got our number from other people. So that is cool. Who knows what will happen! On Wednesday we were working with the zone leaders. By the way, our last time. Next cycle they will be getting training sisters that will go on exchanges with all the companionships of sisters. It will be so great! The elders are great but you just can't work normally when you work in a group if four.... This will be better. Anyway, on Wednesday we ran into a recent convert who was baptized last August. He investigated the church when I was here in the summer. No one has been able to get a hold of him and he has kind of dropped off the radar. But we got his new number. He is taking care of his mother who is real sick.  It has been interesting coming back to Dachney. I don't feel like I learned very much when I was here last time but turns out...I met the people I needed to so that now I would be able to work with them. I definitely feel like I was prepared for this cycle. Cool, right?

Well, love you all! Update the blog!
Cectpa Pearce

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