Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Hello family!!

Hello again! What a week. There are some weeks where you see the work moving forward. And some weeks where everything falls apart so the Lord can put it back together how he wants to. This week was one of those weeks. But we found some really great investigators. One of them is a daughter of a less active member who was baptized about a year ago. We have been stopping my all the less actives to update the ward lists here and stopped by their place. they let us in and told us how for a long time they couldn't go to church because her husband told her she couldn't go but he died a year ago. Her daughter is 17 years old. We don't really know where things are going to go but it felt like a miracle. It just feels like the right time for them. They came with us to district conference on Sunday and had a really great experience. The other is a mother daughter pair as well. The mother talked with missionaries a long time ago in English club but remembers how she felt when she watched the restoration video. They are very sincere so it should be fun to work with them.

District conference was really cool. The Sartori's were there and spoke so it was great to hear from them. As a part of conference they had a fireside on Friday and President Gushin, an area 70 from Novosibirsk came and spoke. He spoke about the importance of family history. It was pretty cool. Also, it was great to be amongst the members in Tolyatti. Usually we just see the members in our branch.

Well, I will try to answer some of your questions. I don't know how much money but they have really cute pea coats here so that is what I will be buying. It should be around 2000-4000 rubles. I can't do the math right now but I’ll figure it out.

It’s been kind of fun to hear about your lives being half way across the world. I thought about it and just in the last year all of you have moved, got married or gotten new jobs. That is a lot of blessings in only the span of a year. It’s weird not being there for all of it and just hearing about it but it is cool. I guess I know the lord is aware of our family. Our family is one of the biggest blessings we have. All being together in the celestial room last year before Todd and Marylyn’s wedding was kind of the frosting on the cake. (Except that I don't really like frosting. maybe the cherry on top. don't really like that too much know what I mean) members here love the temple. They can only go about once a year but they always talk about how peaceful it feels. Anyway, I love you all so much!! You are the best.

Cectpa Pearce

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