Monday, February 18, 2013

February 17, 2013

Sounds like you have had a very busy week! I am sure it good to be back in the dub J for a little while. I just got big envelope of letters from all the Relief Society sisters there and I loved reading them. It sounds like the funeral went well.

This week has been a pretty good week. Slower than normal but all the same really cool. Last Monday night we had a way cool lesson with Marina. We taught Matthew 11:28-30 with her. She has always been very receptive to the spirit and notices a big difference between members and non-members and always asks why we can feel so confident and peaceful. As we talked she began to understand that through covenants especially baptism that is how we feel that. She has said she wants to be baptized and that it is a decision you can't go back on. This week we are planning on talking about commandments so she knows what changes she needs to make.

Olessa finally came to church! We have been inviting her for about a month and she always promises to come but hasn't yet. She came and had a great experience. After Relief Society I turned to her and asked her what she thought and she had tears in her eyes. She said that she understands the Book of Mormon when she reads it but now she understands that at church you can understand the scriptures better and feel the support from each other. Hopefully next week she will come with her husband and son.

Tanya gave her first talk in church this week. She did so well! She spoke about the atonement. I also spoke in church this week. I spoke about reverence. This week we also talked with Tanya and her mom about temples. As we talked about the purpose of temples and how they strengthen families Tanya just said, "Cool. I want to go." also, showing the pictures I have of my family is the best testimony I have of the power of the temples. I was able to show them that we were blessed because of your decision to be sealed together. And that that decision influenced all of us to have the desire to also be sealed together in the temple to our families. I always thought that our family was so boring and....I can't think of the word in English right now...normal maybe. Anyway, I have come to realize that that is not the case. Also, daddy and to all my brothers, thank you for being worthy priesthood holders. There are so many women here who ache to have their husbands lead their families in righteousness. And it just doesn't happen often. When they see that you have all been married in the temple it is like they are seeing the 8th wonder of the world. So thanks mom for being awesome and pulling on their ears enough to make that happen. I could go on for a while about why our family rocks but I am running low on time.

Yesterday we also had a lesson with Valentina. She has had a lot of bad experiences at church. Not ours, but Jehovah’s Witnesses, Russian Orthodox...anyway, she has been really hesitant to consider coming to church with us. But yesterday we were able to show her that by not coming to church she is missing out on a lot of blessings. It was actually a really cool experience with teaching with the spirit. I learned, she learned, it was sweet.

All this week I have felt the spirit guiding me on lessons to ask the right question, at the right time. It has been cool to see how when you follow the promptings of the spirit you are able to help people resolve their concerns. For me it is just a testimony builder that god is aware of his children. He knows what they need to hear and he knows their hearts.

Well, I love you all! Have a great week!
Cectpa Pearce

Ps. I didn't hear about the meteor. And the weather has been really warm. The snow is melting and it feels like spring. I haven't really experienced much of a Russian winter.

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