Monday, March 4, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Family

This week has been crazy. I feel like the only thing I have said lately is "crazy" and "I don't know". I am no longer in Tolyatti and my heart is a little bit broken but all will be well. I am currently in a little place called Orenburg. It is 2 hours ahead of the rest of the mission and serving with Sister Upshaw again. As far as who we are teaching I don't know yet. I got here this morning on an overnight train. it has been 8 months since I have been on a train so that was kind of fun but I didn't sleep at all and I lost 2 hours because of the time change. I’m a little bit tired.  As far as what has happened, I don't know. Anyway, Thursday I was feeling a little down so I called Sister Sartori to just talk to her for a little while and when I got off the phone Sister Polyanskaya had packed her bags and decided she was going home. She called the assistants and was able to talk to an elder who is also from Ukraine who convinced her to stay so we tried to figure out what to do to make things better. Like I say tried. I called president and in response to everything in the past 10 weeks he just decided to transfer me. That’s the story in short. It all happened so fast. And now I am here. I am excited to get to work again.

On Saturday there was another picnic in the forest which was really fun. Marina came so I was able to say good bye to her. Tanya and Elena were also there. It was a good opportunity to see a lot of members before I left. I got on a bus yesterday right after church to Samara to meet up with Sister Upshaw and then onto a train. That is pretty much what happened this week. I honestly don't remember what happened before that.

It is colder in Orenburg than it was in Tolyatti, it is farther east and north maybe. I don't really know. Do you want to do some research for me? I’ll be asking people some questions but all the same it would be good to fill in the gaps. At the old computer club I couldn't send pictures but maybe here I can. I forgot my camera though so maybe I will try next week.

Also, dad, you can't start falling apart already. I hope everything goes well with the doctors this week. If you find any good options for hip replacements let me know. Mine pop really loudly several times a day. Usually by the end of the day I hobble around like a babushka.

Well, love you all lots. Wish me luck learning a new area!

Cectpa Pearce

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