Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Well family,

I just typed a bomb letter. And then mid-send the internet stopped working and the letter is nowhere to be found. I am a little annoyed right now but I will try to quickly give you a nice review of what "the best letter I have ever typed to send home" had in it. It really is too bad you can't read it. Grrr.........

Anyway, so I said some stuff about how your weekend together sounded like a blast and I wanted to eat some of John's ribs. I made some comments about all the babies your wives are growing. They will probably be adorable. I also said thanks to Mom for pulling on all of your ears and toes to force you to write me. I appreciate it. She should do it more often.

This week we saw a lot of miracles and really noticed the lord guide us to where we needed to go. Tuesday we got and a bus to contact and I sat down next to a young woman but she was talking on her phone forever. Usually I would have moved but I just sat there. When she got off the phone I finally was able to talk to her. After I explained what I was doing there she asked "How did you decide to do that?" Great question right? It gave me a sweet opportunity to testify. She turned in her seat and just faced me squarely and listened. When I asked for her number she helped me save it and made sure that I would be calling. That was sweet. After we got off the bus we began walking (We got off because I asked Kristina where a store was and our stop came up so she forced us to get off. we didn't really know where we were...) and ran into a potential investigator that Sister Upshaw had met with once. We went to a cafĂ©, met and gave him the Book of Mormon and invited him to church and the activity on Saturday. He came to both and then we met with him after church. He said he would be baptized if he receives and answer to prayer. then on Wednesday as we were on the street there was a girl that was walking quickly towards us and was way smiley I asked her why and she explained that a year ago and Elder gave her a Book of Mormon and she really liked it. We got her number but haven't met with her yet.

On Thursday we met with Kristina and gave her the Book of Mormon. She is a little hesitant but at the end of the meeting she said "You are unusual. Very open." I think it was a compliment so I said thank you. I think she felt the spirit. And then on Saturday as we were tracting we both felt that we were in the wrong spot so we prayed decided where to go and then set off. We didn't really know what was waiting for us but when we got to the building we picked we were stopped by a security babushka. I.e. and old lady that sits by the door all day so that people like us don't bug the people that live there. They are really effective at what they do. This one however, was way nice and interested in our message. We gave her the Book of Mormon and we will be going back to meet tomorrow. Anyway those are some of our miracles.

My hands hurt from typing. I love you all. Prayer is real. 

Cectpa Pearce

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