Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Whoa! Snazzy car! It looks cool. It was cool to hear about the missionary work that is taking place there. That is a lot of missionaries!! Also 10 hours of service a week is a lot. I would be interested in knowing how that goes. This week has been a good week. Again different than normal but I guess I should expect that now. We had 6 sisters in our apartment Wednesday and Thursday because of a visa trip and we were doing an exchange with the Sisters from Penza. A little crazy but it was good to see everyone. As always I can't really remember back to Monday all that well...but yesterday was cool. We had set a goal to find 3 new investigators this week but we only had one so far so we went tracting homes instead of apartments. And the 4th "door" (really it is a gate into their yard, Russians don't like strangers getting too close) a pregnant woman answered and let us in. She let us teach her about the restoration and her mom was with us on the lesson. They were both surprised by how they felt and said they felt so light and good. They come from humble circumstances and were really kind. I asked if they had any questions about what we taught and she just asked "do you have a place where you meet? Can I come? Where is it?" it was really cool and an answer to prayers. both of us were just exhausted yesterday from the week but we decided at the beginning of the week in order to meet our goals we have to use every minute we have to find people this week so we just went for it. We also found a lady from Uzbekistan who was so kind and I just felt that god loved her so much. She is here without documents though and so we won't really be able to teach her. But as we prayed she just began crying and she showed us that she had goosebumps and said she felt so warm and just rubbed her chest. She has had a very hard life and the scars of that were visible on her face. It was an interesting experience because we felt so much love but at the same time both of us felt that teaching her isn't what is right. Way strange! Maybe we were there just when she needed us. I don't really know.

On Monday we also had a lesson with a new investigator she is finishing up her studies to be a lawyer and is adorable. I love her so much.  This week I feel like we prayed and told heavenly father what we had to offer him and then just went to work. He took care of the rest and just led us where we needed to be. We have some really cool potential investigators and hopefully we will be able to meet with them next week. Speaking of next week, we will be on exchanges with the sisters from Orenburg and Tolyatti. It will be here in Samara so that should be fun. Sister Sine is back in Tolyatti with Sister Polyanskaya and Sister Upshaw will be coming in from Orenburg with Sister win. It will be a party. Our exchange this week was really successful. It was fun just to dive into the work. Also this cycle is going too fast! And I feel like I am more tired than I have ever been on my mission. But I will take that as a sign that I am doing something right.

Well, I think that is about all. I am sure there are things I am forgetting...

Cectpa Pearce

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