Monday, July 8, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hello Family!!

Todd's a DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool. He’ll only be a couple months old by the time I get to see him.... Hopefully he doesn't get too big. You guys feed the missionaries a lot. Cool for them. You said that one of the missionaries this time was new and I felt bad thinking he probably was really quiet not knowing how to say anything and then realized you are in America.... He at least knows the language! I will be excited to see how missionary work is in Colorado. Also I will be glad to talk to the guy who served his mission in Samara. That will be all I want to talk about when I get home:) If he remembers any of the people he taught or the members here I would be glad to pass along a hello.

This week was pretty good, I feel like it was way fast!  This week we had 2 exchanges I worked with Sister Winn and Sister Sine. I learned a lot from both of them and it was good to talk to them and see how their mission is going. It was especially good to talk to Sister Sine I haven't really had an opportunity to talk with her since she left Tolyatti. She is actually back there now serving with Sister Polyanskaya. They are doing really well together. I was able to talk to Tanya (the girl that got baptized while I was there) so that was fun. Exchanges are crazy. Fun but crazy. Tonight we will be getting on a train to Saratov and we will have 3 exchanges this week. We will get back on Saturday. Hopefully things go well. I am going to be so tired.... But somehow we get everything done that we need to. Now more than ever on my mission I feel like a grandma. we go running every morning at a track by our apartment, a good day for me is running a 1/2 mile or rather shuffling through a half mile. I am so stiff in the morning! I hope I turn back into a 20 ish year old at some point. Also, time is flying! The cycle is already halfway over. When did that happen!

I was also able to see Sister Upshaw and Sister Polyanskaya. Both of them are doing really well! Sister Upshaw and Sister Winn had a baptism scheduled for Saturday but she dropped off the map. Sister Upshaw and I set the baptismal date with her when I was there but she just went AWOL. Actually a lot of incredible investigators all over the mission just had crazy dreams that our church isn't true and don't want to talk with missionaries anymore. Dang, Satan is doing a good job..., But we will keep going to working with faith and something will happen.  Sasha our investigator with a baptismal date, his phone has been off for a couple weeks so we haven't been able to talk to him. But whatever....

We found two investigators this week Tanya and Maria. Maria we talked to on the street last week and then met with her this week. She is way cool. She talks a lot but she has very firm opinions and asks really great questions. I love her already. She is in her 40’s and her husband died 15 years ago. She is very interested in the plan of salvation. And Tanya is 24 we met her on the street two weeks ago. Her whole family is atheist but she believes in god. She is very open to listening to new things. Hopefully we will stay in contact with them over this week.

Well sounds like you have some traveling ahead of you! Say hi to Todd and Marylynn and send me some pictures of the new baby! I love you all!

Love Cectpa пирс

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