Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hello family!

This week has been super-fast! we did exchanges with both sets of Sisters that live in Samara this week but we weren't home, and then when we did get home on Thursday 3 sets of Sisters showed up for visa trips. They left Saturday and then this morning we had everyone coming in for transfers. To be honest I am exhausted. But really all you can do is keep going.  We had a culture day this week and went to Stalin’s bunker. It is a place in Samara where they built a safe place for Stalin to come to during the war. It was a complete secret until 20 years ago when they finally opened it up. Stalin was never actually at the bunker because whatever situation they were worried about never happened but it was cool to go to anyway. The tour guide was an old man who was a dictionary definition of a lecturer for history. Only it was in Russian so I probably got 50%. There was a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary but it was a great language study. On Saturday there was a baptism and it was a great experience. She is the most converted convert I have ever met. She is so cool! Anyway I just love seeing baptisms.

Speaking of baptisms Sasha is alive! He went home and just hasn't been answering or something but said he has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and is thinking about being baptized at the end of august. He will be getting back to Samara in a couple weeks and then we will start teaching him again.

Last night we found a pretty cool investigator named Ilya. He is a drummer and 19 years old but has always been interested in religion. We just saw the spirit work on him as we talked about the plan of salvation. we talked about the Book of Mormon and he said "where can I get one?" he doesn't know a lot but he does have things he knows about who he thinks that god is or should be so it will be fun to help him build that relationship. While I worked with Sister Clyde on Tuesday we found an investigator on the street and she was so grateful to hear our message. I don't know if they went back to meet her again I should follow up next cycle they are putting more training Sisters in Saratov so that will cut out a week of traveling. It will be fun to work with them and learn from them. Also, I will be in Samara until the end of my mission so that should be fun. Although it isn't that far away. Especially with how fast this one went!

Anyway, the work here is progressing. Having new training Sisters will allow us to be in our area more so hopefully we can begin to build up our area. There is so much potential here. Thank you for writing and supporting me!

Cectpa Pearce

Ps. Becky emailed me and asked me to tell you to update the blog again... so, you'll do that this week right? Good news Elder Glad emailed me and told me that my pictures were still on my flash card! So I gave him your address so he should be sending it you could email him and figure out the best way to get it from him. But...yay!!

pps. You didn't write and tell me your thoughts about the missionary broadcast. do you read my emails?

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