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July 15, 2013

Hello family!
This week has been crazy. Really not terribly but we have had 8 Sisters in and out of our apt for transfers and what not this week. It’s funny even though Sister Scoville and I are companions we don't seem to spend a lot of time together. With exchanges and other things we are always with someone else.  The weather here is actually way nice. Last summer was REALLY hot and this summer it has been in the 20's mostly. It has been in the mid 30's every once in a while but nothing too crazy. Last summer it spent a lot of time in the 40's. We have had some crazy thunder and lightning storms. With hail the size of marbles. We have been luck and only got stuck in one of them. But it gave us a good opportunity to run to a covering with the lady we were talking to at the time and have a lesson with her.  That was cool! I will let you do some conversions because I don't really know. It has been a good week as far as missionary work is concerned as well. We found 4 new investigators which was cool. But, I don't really know most of them because of other Sisters and what not. Hopefully I will meet them sometime:)

It sounds really cool about that Cub Scout and his family. President Sartori is asking us to watch parts of the broadcast as we eat breakfast and teach the principles in it to the members. That is the focus of our whole mission right now is helping members understand their role in missionary work.  Every member here is a convert to the church. Most of them were found on the street by misisonaries so it is the missionaries job to do all the work pretty much. BUT, we will be trying to change that. It will be slow going but it will be the only way to keep the church growing here. All that is really asked of members is to wear their membership on their sleeves and be friends with people. As we invite them to know what we know out of love they will respond well.

This week we also had mission leadership council. It was good to discuss everything but long...I think Sister Sartori sent you a picture.

I talked with Sister Larsen this week while she was here getting her new companion. She is so cool! Learning Russian for her has been really hard. I will tell you her story at some point when I am home I am sure. But she speaks 100% Russian. I asked her questions like how did she start and why does she keep going. She shared with me her testimony of her calling and really I just understood that she understands the law of consecration and she is really giving of herself. Anyway she said, "Sister Pearce, you have a gift for speaking Russian and yet you don't speak Russian a lot. If the Sisters saw you speaking Russian and using the gift you have received they would do the same" it is true I haven't been speaking Russian a lot and mostly I justified it because I wanted them to understand what I was saying and so they could express themselves. But she is so right! I am so grateful that she was able to lovingly correct me and help to give more of myself. In short, I will be speaking Russian for the rest of my mission. Which is so fine with me I love it! Now I just have a testimony of why.

This week we will be going up to Kazan again. I will be working with Sister Larsen this time. Which will be a blast? It might be a little crazy because of the Universidad. It will be fun all the same.

Yes I did order the nativity and something for you and an egg with her rendition of the tree of life. it will be so beautiful. It ended up being 19000-20000 rubles. I think that is around 300 dollars. Yes I know that is expensive but you will love it. and I figure that it will be yours until I have a home and then it can be mine while you are on your mission or after you die...they are time release souvenirs:) there isn't really anything I "need" my shoe situation isn't awesome but only a couple more months so...I will make do. I don't know if I need anything in my account...I don't know what is there. Is there anything you want me to look for? Or anything you want me to get? Also, sorry for not answering your questions I will repent I just wanted it to be a surprise. You know how I like them so much. If there is anything I see that I want I will get it. I think I am finished with souvenir shopping though.

Anyway, I think that is all. love you so much!!

Cectpa Pearce

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