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June 24, 2013

Hello Family!!

Congrats mom and dad!! 35 years is a long time.... Also, I forgot to wish dad a happy father’s happy father’s day!

This week has been crazy. Aright not terribly but I feel like I was here yesterday writing you. Last Monday night we got on a train to Saratov and got in Tuesday morning hopped on a bus and got to the Dachney Sisters and then spent the day with them. The next morning we hauled our stuff over to the Solnechney Sisters. They live pretty close to the Dachney Sisters so that is what we did for exercise in the morning was we took a little hike. And we worked with them on Wednesday. Thursday morning we woke up and went to the bus station to head to Balakova. It was about a 3 hour bus ride. We were in Balakova until Saturday morning and then got on a 5 hour bus to Samara. My opinion of buses in Russia: they are not AWFUL but I was extremely grateful to get off. The roads are really bumpy and they were blasting a Russian sitcom in our ears for most of it. But I am alive and well. It has been a really good experience working with all of the Sisters and just hearing their experiences and listening to the spirit to ask the right questions or to share something with them. I had a goal at the start of this cycle to really listen to the spirit and follow his promptings. With this new calling I am finding myself reaching towards heaven more often and making sure that I am always a worthy and willing tool in his hands. I am starting to recognize that I am running out of time being a missionary so I am trying to give everything I have to the work. I guess in short I really love being a missionary.

A normal exchange looks like a normal day as far as exercising, getting ready, studying eating...and then we will sit down together and decide what kind of goals we want to achieve, things we need help on and how we will go about the work. Then we hit the streets! We work like normal while talking to them to find out how their mission is going, what things have been difficult and just listen to the experiences they have had. At the end of the day we come back together and discuss how things went and what we can do to apply the things we learned. It has been cool to see the lord bless the work in that area while we are working with them and after the exchange.  While I was in Balakova I was working with a Sister in her first cycle and we started talking to a woman as we were waiting for our bus. She was so nice and way open about to listen about the gospel. We set up a meeting with her the next day so we were able to have a lesson as well with her. There were also other cool little miracles that we saw throughout the week.

Tomorrow morning Roman (the driver for our mission) is taking us up to Kazan. It is about 7-8 hours up there so that should be a good time. But I hear it is a beautiful city so I am excited! Could you do some research on Kazan for me? We only have one exchange this week so that will be nice and then we have 2 left for the last week of the cycle.

Well, I love you so much!

Cectpa Pearce

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