Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 16, 2012

Well, Talyatti is great. IT actually feels kind of like Salt Lake. All the streets are straight and wide which weirds me out because Saratov was not like that. It makes it easy to find an address which is nice. The weather here is way nice. It is hot, but not near as hot as Saratov. I have been enjoying it. Pres. called and told us that we will probably be training next cycle and that I will probably be back in Saratov.

Mom, Dad, it sounds like you had a busy week! It sounds fun though!! The sleep over with Brayden and Felicity sounds fun. Way to be good grandparents! Also, it sounds like the yard is keeping you busy.

Today, I am excited for a regular p-day where I am not moving. It should be relaxing. The work here is great we have 3 progressing investigators and 2 with dates. Tonya however won't be baptized here because she will be returning to Moscow soon, but she is so cool. The missionaries in Moscow gave her a Book of Mormon before she came here and she looked up the church when she got here and has been to church the past 3 weeks. It’s cool because she just recognized that it was true instantly and knows she just wants to continue learning. Also, something cool happened when I got to Taliyatti. I can understand people!! And I can talk pretty well, all things considered. Apparently heavenly father knew I was going to need help. I am grateful. We are also teaching an almost 9 year old who is sweet. The branch here feels very independent, which is great. The members are all so nice, and they have a lot of youth in this area which is great.  We had a sports night at the coolest soccer field I have ever seen in my life. We walked through a forest for a while behind a McDonalds (cool right) and then all the sudden there was a clearing and some goals. These TALL trees all around, no grass just dirt but it was awesome. We just played ultimate but it was fun.

Working with Sister Upshaw has been awesome. I finally feel like a missionary. We come home tired at the end of the day. We might not have had a ton of experience but we are willing to work and I feel like the lord is blessing us. It should be an exciting cycle.

Oh! Greg, the weirdest thing have eaten was some sort of organ meat in pasta. It wasn't too bad though. Although eventually I am looking forward to hollidiets, or meat jello. Mmmm....

although, there are a lot of new things I don't remember...we just wake up, study, and then go to work every day. I am learning better how to teach in Russian and I am really starting to notice improvement so that is good. Well. I love you all!! I hope everything goes well!!!

Cectpa Pearce

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