Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 23, 2012

Sounds like you have had another fun week. I am glad the bike ride went well; I can't believe the last one was that long ago. Ha-ha, also the 24th of July is usually my time to talk in church. I had forgotten about that.

This week has been pretty low key.  On Friday, we had a district activity that the senior couple here planned. It was minute to win it. First of all it was so much fun, and also it was pretty well attended as well. There were a lot of investigators and non-members. Not very many members though. Tonya will be going back to Moscow this week, but she said she would write us and send us pictures of her baptism so I am looking forward to that. We found a lady on the street this week and she is really nice. She loves to read and is extremely introverted. She doesn't say much but I can tell she thinks a lot about the things we say. We have only had one lesson with her but it was so great. Like I said she didn't say much so I didn't really know what she was thinking, but the spirit definitely guided that lesson. I said things I have never said before and taught differently than I have ever before. But I could tell that that is what she needed to hear. As soon as we gave her the Book of Mormon she instantly opened it and began reading. We had to stop her so we could pray and then say good bye. As we walked away she was just continuing to read so we will see how far she gets by our next lesson.  We have also been working with a recent convert Arceny. He is awesome. He hasn't figured out how the holy ghost feels for him and how to recognize answers. He is very smart and thinks a lot, teaching has been fun because he directs the lesson and we just answer his questions. But always, my personal study prepares me for his lessons. It is cool how that works. Even if I am not specifically studying for him.

The weather here has been really nice. Well, on Wednesday there was a "hurricane" a lot of rain and wind. And then it has rained during the night a couple times but apart from being humid it has been cool. Even on hot days in Tolyatti I think it is nice because Saratov was so hot. Also, happy 24th of July!!! I hope you guys have fun!

I love you all!! Keep writing I love hearing from you!!

Cectpa Pearce

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