Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 27, 2013

Hello family!!

 This week has been good! For the most part pretty normal but when you look back on every day there are little answered prayers, opportunities to testify and other tender mercies that make it so evident that god loves us. Last week we met a girl named Veronika. She had seen missionaries before but had never talked to us. She had tried to find our church to come see before but couldn't find it (it is kind of in a weird spot) but she is so curious and interested in just finding out for herself. It is so great! She herself will ask questions, she is reading, and praying. She is 22 and speaks English really well, but I like teaching better in Russian so we teach her in Russian. It already feels like I have been friends with her for a long time, when in reality it has only been a week. We have a lesson planned tonight at our branch president’s house. His son left for a mission to Australia yesterday. I can't wait to see how the lord is going to bless them! As we taught Veronika the restoration we asked her to explain in her own words why we need prophets. And she said so we are more connected with god. And then we asked her what she wants to feel from going to a church and she said, “security, harmony and peace." I told her those are the reasons I go to church. She should be coming to church this week and I can't wait! The branch here has some really great members and she will just love them!

Sunday we had a district conference with both of the branches in samara and Tolyatti. All of the members from Tolyatti came! I loved seeing them all. I didn't get a lot of their email addresses when I left so I was able to get some way to contact them. I felt like my family all came and saw me. I love them so much! And then yesterday was our zone conference with President Bennett. It was cool; they talked a lot about sacrificing and willingly giving yourself to god. It was a really great conference. Usually we have mission leadership counsel in samara but this time we will be getting on a train on Thursday and having it in Saratov on Friday. Also, fun fact about the mission 80% of our missionaries have been on their missions for 6months or less. I am so old...  we have a lot of meetings that should happen this week. I am really excited for a meeting we have with a less active family. They were the ones President Blinkov called and set up the meeting. We called and she said it would be ok for us to come over. Their testimonies are so strong. Some other investigators we have meetings with as well.

Thanks for sending me pictures of Ryan! He looks so adorable! He looks a lot like Hayzlee and he has hair!! I can't remember anything else that happened...I am sure something else did. We have met some other cool people but we haven't met with them yet. Good luck in Utah mom!! Say hi to everyone for me!

Lvoe, (I am such a dyslexic typer...I tried to correct everything else.)
Cectpa Pearce

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