Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello family!

This week has been so crazy! Great but way crazy. On Tuesday we had our exchange in Kazan and we saw so many miracles! Sister Erikson has so much faith. She had never been knocking so we went and tried it out and it was for sure the best knocking of my whole mission. In the afternoon we talked to this cool kid on our 2nd door and he was way excited to come to church. In the evening we were walking (I was freezing because I didn't have a coat) and trying to decide which building to knock. We only had a half an hour before we had to be home. So we came to this building that had every single apt had a light on. I have never seen anything like that before! So we knocked. The first door we were let in and had a lesson. She was way excited about the Book of Mormon. Later we knocked into a potential investigator we found yesterday. And then we got some other potentials on the way down. It was such a great day. And Wednesday we got on a train to Izhevsk. Remember how we didn't have coats? Well there was no heat so it turned into a 7 hour train ride in a refrigerator. I ended up wearing all of the clothes I brought with me. 3 skirts and 4 shirts. I looked pretty lumpy. Izhevsk is a way cool city and the people there just seem to have soft hearts. And are so willing to accept the gospel. We had a good time working up there. And then the bus...we got on the bus around 6:00 in the evening and got off at 6:00 in the morning. It wasn't awful. Mostly because I knew I only had to do it once. If I knew I had to get back on...I would probably cry. I did sleep a little bit, but I was grateful to get back to Samara. On Friday night we called Sasha after district meeting, he didn't answer but he called us back! And we were able to meet with him and talk about commandments. He drinks tea sometimes but other than that everything is a go. He is way cool! He didn't come to church because he was sick though:( We will see what happens in the next couple of weeks. Yesterday 2 women showed up to church who had received an invitation from missionaries. Lyudmila, the woman we met with found hers in a magazine at work. The other one received it 2-3 years ago but never quite found the building. And then yesterday...she found it! We haven't been able to meet with Veronika because of school and work but we have kept in contact with her, so hopefully soon!

That was my week. Sounds like the rain is crazy there. Today is actually perfect weather! Not too hot or cold, light breeze, blue skies. It’s going to be a good day. For some reason I was able to write that real fast. So I still have time left.

Being a missionary is the best thing I have ever done. Has it always been fun and easy? No. I have been pushed to my limits often. As I have learned how to rely on my Savior and His atonement, my capacities have been increased and I have been able to do more than I could on my own.  I have learned how to exercise faith and achieve righteous goals. I understand that when we live our covenants by sacrifice the blessings of heaven are opened and we see miracles. I have had many missionaries ask me how I think I have changed on my mission. I never really know how to answer, but I think this is it. Before my mission, people probably saw a pretty capable person because I didn't show them my weaknesses, but my foundation was weak. On my mission my weaknesses have been all I was able to rely on for a lot of the time, and now through the atonement of Jesus Christ, they are now strengths.  People will still see the same person maybe, but I feel like I have a foundation that is so sure. I now that this experience of mine will be something I think about every day for the rest of my life. I have come to know what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

I love you all so much!

Cectpa Pearce

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