Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hello family!!

Oy, what a week...last week was awesome. We were finding people to teach we were working hard and then this week everyone decided not to answer their phones...regardless it turned out to be a good week and I have to say I did learn a lot from it. Before I forget if you are going to be in tropic see if you can stop by Anne Marie’s parents. I think she already left... maybe in July I am not sure. But they know which hikes are the best so you might be able to talk to them.

Sounds like the neighborhood barbecue was fun! Tell everyone hi for me!!  Kobo was the game I played while I was in cedar. I am glad you like it, I thought you would.

Ha-ha! Dad you thought you would leave me in suspense about the women's gold medal game but the senior couple here looked it up and were telling me about it. But if you recorded it I wouldn't mind watching it a year from now...also, you know what's crazy? Half way through next cycle I only have a year left in Russia. When did that happen? Geez, time flies. I am not sure how I feel about that. There is so much I want to learn while I am here and I don't know if I am learning fast enough.

This week we met with a lady named Elizabeta. She is an older lady who can't see much so we went and read the Book of Mormon to her. She said she needs to teach us how to embroider and the like so we can be good moms. I should count how many times in a week I am told that I am wasting my time and I should go home and find a husband. I would say on average probably around 5 times a week. Maybe more, I don't know. Especially when we talk with Russian babushka (I cannot spell from Russian to English). Any who it's a good time.

One of the only victories this week was while doing calls on our list of potential investigators I called someone named Nikolai and invited him to church. I know, not that exciting I do that every week, BUT he actually came!! It was sweet and we set up an appointment with him tonight.

Everyone asks, "What is hardest thing about being a missionary?" And I honestly don't know why it is hard. For me I guess it is the constant desire to be better. Now, that is a good thing. But, at times I have been incredibly critical of myself and then I feel incredibly inadequate. And then on the other hand any natural talent I have for doing the work I end up feeling prideful about. It is this constant roller coaster of feeling extreme inadequacy and pride.  There is no place better than a mission to learn to acquire Christ like attributes, and I am grateful for this opportunity but sometimes it is just hard. I love it though and I have no idea why :)

Well, I love you all!!

Cectpa Pearce

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