Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6, 2012

Hello Family!!
This week has flown by! I guess I will start by telling you about our trip to Vilnius Lithuania. I know I said Latvia last week but I couldn't remember I just knew it started with an "L". So we had a taxi pick us up at 4:00 in the morning to get us to Samara by 5:00 and then our flight for Moscow left at 7:00. After that I don't remember the times of anything but we got to Moscow and then got on a flight to Vilnius. Vilnius airport was beautiful! It was such a nice airport and what I saw out of the window was way pretty, but we were only there for 2 hours and then back on the plane to Moscow. And then from Moscow to Samara where Roman our driver picked us up and took us back to Tolyatti. We got home and 1:30 in the morning. After months of going to bed at 10:30 on the dot staying up late was rough. I was so tired. So, not that exciting. 

Other than being a little tired this week was normal except the Lord really blessed us with people to teach. All of our progressing investigators kind of fell off for one reason or another so we needed to find people. Wednesday we had set up and appt. with a potential from the area book and we were able to get a member on the lesson. They turned out to be golden. It was a mom and her 8 year old daughter. The mom has been battling depression for while after her husband left her. But she responded really well to the gospel. Her daughter thought was genius. We prayed and she said, "I felt that! It felt good!' so we talked to her about the Holy Ghost. And then this Muslim family found us and already knew a little bit about the Book of Mormon and was really interested in reading it. They are really humble, open hearted people. We met the wife on the street and she wanted to buy the book from us and we just gave it to her she was so grateful.  When we asked her if we could talk about it later she was so willing to give us her number and address and then invited us immediately to her house. That is just a few but we were really led to be in the right place at the right time this week. I don't feel like it was any of our effort, but I was grateful to be a tool in His hands.

As far as the food...currently we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because their ton of stands that have delicious fruit and veggies. if you want to have a Russian salad get some cabbage, cucumbers (they are better here),  fresh dill, tomatoes and any other veggies, and then just throw some mayo and there. We have that at least once a week and it is delicious. Ya, fresh dill, who knew? I already know that will be something I need when I get back. It so good and they put it in just about everything here.

I love you all!
Love Sister Pearce

ps. John I got your letter this week. You are holding up your reputation well. I wouldn't want to expect to hear from you too often you know...

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