Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hello family!!

How are things at home? I hope well. Mom and Dad your trip sounded like it was a blast. It is funny that it rained there every day because it rained everyday here as well. Although we weren't always so lucky to stay dry...ha-ha it has been fun though.  It has finally cooled down enough to pull out some of my long sleeve shirts and cardigans. That has been nice, and it is cooler at night so I have been sleeping better.

What a crazy week. We were in Samara on Tuesday and then went to the office to get our new companions on Wednesday. There were 4 new sisters and 8 new elders. Crazy! So, my new Companion's name is Sister Scoville. She is from American Fork, studied family and consumer sciences and BYU and she is so great. She is so positive and happy all of the time even though I am sure things is crazy right now. And the poor girl started getting a cold yesterday but she is still just excited to work. Her first night in Tolyatti we stopped by a less active at work and I have never been able to meet with him but he had time for a meeting and it was so great. The next day we were contacting and we ran into this woman named Lyudmila. Sister Upshaw and I had contacted her about 3 weeks ago and she seemed really receptive but she had to leave suddenly before we got information to contact her again. Probably about 2 weeks ago we saw her on the street but I couldn't remember from where until afterwards. BUT, this time I remembered and I asked her what she thought about the restoration pamphlet that I had given her. She said she really liked it and gave it to her son who is also interested. And then she gave us her information so we could meet with her again. I hope things go well with her.  Nikolai has stopped answering his phone so I don't really know what the deal is there. I hope the work starts to pick up here. I am excited to work with he elders in our branch they are really great. hopefully they leave some work for us...everyone says sister missionaries have the capability to work that elders can't and so far I haven't figured out what that is. Maybe I will figure it out eventually.

Well, it is weird being a trainer because I am supposed to know what I am doing...I don't. But, I guess I will just do the best I know how. Wish me luck!!

Cectpa Pearce

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