Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 15, 2012

I will start with answering your questions this week. My companion is great! We get along really well and we work hard. This is already the 3rd week of the transfer! HOW! I have no idea but time is going so fast. Food is cool nothing too exciting this week we will be eating some shaurma which is kind of like a euro and just plain delicious. The weather is definitely getting colder. People say it usually snows around the first week of November so that is coming quickly. We will be going to buy coats this today.

On Wednesday of this week we had some zone training and President and Sister Sartori came and talked about the training they had for mission presidents last month. He talked about "drag" being anything that holds us back and just being more obedient. It was so great. And a little humbling. In our mission there has been a huge focus on finding.  The standard of excellence is finding 1 new investigator a day. But at the training they shifted our focus to progressing investigators and really helping people becoming converted to the Lord. Anyway it was great. And then we had general conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was such a great conference! It did feel weird to sit and just listen all day. 2 days in a row.  But so great. I am excited to get back to work though. Although this week I have a visa trip. Thursday at 3 in the morning....gross. But we will be headed to Kiev and hopefully to the temple. We should have enough time. I hope so! So we will be out of area Wednesday to Friday.

We have met a lot of cool people this week. With the new focus on conversion and progressing investigators. I am excited to help them progress. Yurra (I don't know how to spell that in English) called us during general conference. Said he had a pamphlet from us and wanted a Book of Mormon. We went and gave it to him and he is just such a humble man. I asked him, "are you searching for something?" and he just looked me straight in the eyes and said yes. It was such a simple moment, but he just looked so... hungry. That sounds weird but that is the only way I can describe it. There are a couple others that are cool as well. But this week I talked with Faina on the phone and she doesn't really want to talk with us anymore. We have a meeting with her tonight so hopefully things go well. She understands that she needs to be baptized and has a solid testimony that it is from god. But right now isn't convenient. So I guess pray for her. This week I have come to serve with my heart here in Tolyatti. I love it. There are so many people who I love here, and when they decide not to investigate the church your heart breaks a little.

Well I am running out of time! But I love you all! Thank you for being the best parents in the world.

Cectpa Pearce

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