Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hello family!!

So...visa trip. We weren't able to go to the temple because sessions didn't line up with the time we were going to be there. We had a 6 hour layover in Kiev. So mostly it was just a really long day of planes, little sleep and a sandwich and a juice box on every plane. We had a pretty fun group to go with so we got to know each other really well, but I am grateful to be back and have a normal week to work. There were 8 of us in the group. 6 Elders and 2 Sisters. Tuesday and Saturday were our only full days to work so the work was pretty slow this week. We finally have some members who want to help us regularly so that has really helped the work progress.

This morning has been a little crazy though. I tried to do some laundry but the washing machine in our apartment hates me. And no I am not being dramatic. It always works perfectly for everyone else. Here is the history of me and the washing matching. A couple weeks ago, it wouldn't unlock the door so it took my clothes hostage for a couple hours. After washing them again it let them go. The next time it decided not to drain and so when I opened the door water just came gushing out. That was a good time. Another time it didn't spin out the clothes so they were sopping wet. I decided to hang them out to dry (dryers don't exist here, just drying racks) and it took them 3 days to dry plus a lake in our kitchen. And then sometimes it shakes so hard it sounds like there is a jet airplane getting ready to take off. Anyway, today. Today as it was filling with water it just never stopped and then began leaking out of every crevice imaginable all over the floor. I moved it to the next cycle and it did it again. And then again. After the 3rd time, I decided to start it over and maybe it would work like normal. I was so wrong. This time it didn't fill up with any water and then started spinning. I figured that was fine but after a couple of minutes we began seeing little sparks and then a giant flame, I think my garments are unscathed they were still wet so they didn't light on fire.... so needless to say, I turned the washer off.  After some quaking, floods and now fire I think he is winning. Will see what we can do.

Speaking of fire, 2 weeks ago I finally decided to make borsch. In our apt. we don't have a very big pan so as I added ingredients it ended up in 2 pots. We only have 2 burners that work one low and one hot. In order for the 2 pans to cook evenly I decided to switch the pans. The back one to the front. I thought I could do them at the same time. I thought it might spill a little but we have an electric stove so the worst it just be borsch cooked on to the stove and I would clean it up later. Boy was I wrong. I began moving them and it was apparent that it was going to spill a little. I wasn't really worried. Anyway it spills and out of nowhere comes this flame like 2 feet high! Somehow I stayed calm and after both pans were on the burners I checked to see if my eyebrows were still intact. They are don't worry. Ha-ha, I laughed pretty hard/ and, the borsch was delicious. I loved it.

Well, I am about out of time and out of stories for now. I hoped you enjoyed them. I love you a lot and will pray for you as you look for a new home!! Good luck! Pick a good one!

Cectpa Pearce

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