Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012

WHOA! You bought a house!! And it looks really pretty! What kind of changes will you be making? Will you be repainting the kitchen? Will there be a garden? It looks nice and spacious. By the time I get there you will be all settled in. I was also glad to hear that the temple was close.

Well...this week was the first week that we were in our area for the whole week so that was nice. For the most part it was a pretty normal week. On Saturday our branch had a picnic in the forest and that was fun. We came with a less active family and one of our investigators so it was pretty effective activity for us as well. Later that day we had an appointment with a less active and it was a miracle. She got baptized over 10 years ago and had gone to the temple. I had stopped by her house a couple times but she always said that she never talked to missionaries anymore. I called her the other day and her daughter was in town from St. Petersburg and she said that maybe it would be good to let us come over. We got there a little early and her daughter was leaving for the train station in 10 minutes but we were able to get to know her a little bit and then her mom was pretty distraught after we left. I don't think she would have let us come if we got there after her daughter left. Anyway, she has a lot of health problems but she l felt like us coming that day wasn't an accident. I felt the same way.

The weather this week has been a little crazy. We got a dusting of snow but then the next day it was warm. We did buy coats a couple weeks ago so that was good. We got a pretty good deal as well. Today we will be buying hats and scarves and stuff like that.

I also feel like with Russian you go through phases where you can speak and then phases when you feel like you can't. For the past couple of weeks I feel like I can't speak Russian. It just means you have to try harder to learn I guess. Sigh.

Also, I realized I haven't told you a lot about Sister Sine. She graduated from BYU-I in English and then worked as an intern in LA for a film studio. We have a lot of fun together and work hard. Also, can you believe this is week 5 of the cycle? I can't. Also can you believe that I have been in Russia for 5 months? Crazy right? I feel like I don't have enough time to be a missionary. It goes so fast!!

Well, I have a little more time but I want to look at the pictures a little more. Also, for Christmas I really don't want a package. I can only eat Russian food and candy for another year. So just some letters and pictures would be awesome.

I love you all!!
Cectpa Pearce

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