Friday, January 25, 2013

January 21, 2013

Still no callings, eh? It sounds like you have had a pretty cool week. "Valley of the Gods" sounded way cool. Tell Felicity happy birthday! I sent a card but who knows if they will get it. I just got 4 letters back that made it all the way to America and then apparently something was up with the address so they sent them back.  Except they were all correct...gotta love the mail. If you could get me your new address so I could use that as the return address then it wouldn't be as expensive to resend them. Once again, give me your new address!

Well, this week we were in Tolyatti all week and it was a pretty normal week. On Saturday an 8 year old girl got baptized and Tanya came with us to the baptism and had a really great experience. We met with her yesterday and she said she wanted to be baptized. I asked her, "after meeting with us and going to church could you go back to your life as it was?" and she thought for a minute and then said "probably not" it was way sweet. We weren't really sure how they were accepting the word of wisdom, but as soon as we walked in on Wednesday they said, “We bought herbal tea!" anyway she is doing so well. Other than that I don't really remember what happened this week... oh! We went tracting with the Elders. Sister Polyanskaya hates tracting but after tracting with them it was better. We still haven't had an opportunity to tract in our area but this week we should we'll see how things go.

As far as feeding the elders make whatever you want, they will eat it. But I would say they are probably well fed, so don't force them to eat. If you really want to help them, pray about who you know they could teach. Well, love you lots!

Cectpa Pearce

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