Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 24, 2012

The weather here got real cold this week. Yesterday it was -25 which is cold. But Tolyatti is always really windy. They said with wind chill that it was around -35 -40. My hood always has a ring of frost on it when we go in. welcome to Russia!!!  Things with the work are going well. I feel like we should be having some baptisms in the next month. I hope so anyway. I feel like ever since I got here something cool was about to happen and now it is more of a reality. It only took 6 months. We had a way awesome lesson with one of our investigators and a member yesterday. The testimony of a member on lessons is so powerful. She was able to testify about the gospel in a way that resonated with our investigator in a very real way.

Working with Cectpa Polyanskaya has been different. Good different. We speak in Russian mostly (her English is actually really good) already I feel like my Russian is getting better. I feel like both of us have a lot to learn from each other and it should be an interesting cycle. We didn't have the opportunity to buy food last week but we had basics for the most part. We ate blini (Russian pancakes) like 3 times this week I think. And then once at our investigators house, so 4. Ok 5, last night at a member’s house too. That is a lot of blini in one week. It’s alright I love it. I am sure I will gain some weight this cycle because Russians cook with a lot of oil and butter. I think she went through about 3/4 of a liter of oil this week. And 2-3 sticks of butter. It’s all good. In return I get to learn how to cook like a Russian:)

On Wednesday this week Sister Polyanskaya had a visa trip to Kazakhstan and so I spent the day with the Peterson’s. It was so weird not being on a regimented schedule. We just visited babushka it was way fun though. One of them gave us bread with butter. Or butter with a little bit of bread. Seriously. 1\2 an inch of butter on a slice of bread. It was a little bit much. Also this Thursday will be zone conference. So once again... going to Samara. 3 times in 2 weeks. Yippee!

I can't believe that today is Christmas Eve. People here are just starting to buy Christmas trees. Russian Christmas is January 7th (happy birthday Hayzlee!) they still have new years to get through. I guess it just doesn't feel much like Christmas. But that's ok:)

Dad! You know how we would go on Christmas Eve and by one last gift for everyone? Well this year you and mom should go buy and electric tea kettle. Every Russian has one and they are genius. It boils water real fast so for your oatmeal in the morning it would be perfect and any other time you boil water...anyway, if you don't get one now, I will buy one when I get home. For hot chocolate and tea they are genius too. Oh ya... drinking tea is a Russian thing. I didn't like herbal tea at first but now I love it. Cool! I am becoming Russian!

I haven't bought anything for Christmas. I did get myself a coat a couple weeks ago. I think I told you that though. As far as my room is concerned you can do whatever you want for now. I can help you when I get home if you want or you can unpack it. It is all the same to me. Well, I can't wait to talk to you! Tomorrow!!

Love you!
Cectpa Pearce

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